Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Gospel: The Truth about the Truth

The Gospel Truth

I have a book titled What Is the Gospel? It is just one among a number of books that have been published through the years trying to explain the gospel. It’s an important question. We talk about the gospel all the time. We have even used the term “gospel” as a synonym for the word “truth.” (Does this mean that when we insist that what we’re saying is the ‘gospel truth’ that we are being redundant in our speech?)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so much more than simply the truth. So, for the month of August we will examine some of the more important aspects of the Gospel so that the word gospel ceases to be so trite as a simple synonym for truth, and becomes so much more to us than another church word that is code for something that only church people know.
What is the gospel? It’s the story, written by God, performed by Jesus in His sacrifice on the cross, displayed for all of humanity, for the purpose of our salvation. If you’ve ever wanted to explain the gospel to a friend, family member, or neighbor, you will want to be part of this new series.

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